An inclusive 
labour market

We contribute to making the Romanian job market a more accessible environment for people with disabilities.

Project: Shift+Vieți 

Shift+Vieți aims to make the Romanian job market more accessible to people with disabilities. Developed together with local NGOs Fundația Comunitară București and Impact Hub, it took the form of a three months bootcamp where various experts worked together to find solutions for people who live with visual impairment, Down syndrome, schizophrenia or autism.

Two projects materialised from this initiative: 

  • Angajați, nu asistați, a programme helping people with Down Syndrome to enter the job market as interns (developed by the NGO Special Olympics Foundation) and
  • A Job Guide for the Visually Impaired, preparing those with visual impairments to gain a future job, developed by NGO AMAis.

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