A stronger sense 
of community  

We believe in giving back to society by supporting social projects that help people in vulnerable groups find a sense of security and community

Project: Grivița Community Centre

The Grivița Community Centre seeks to improve the life quality of a vulnerable community in Berzei – Mircea Vulcănescu – Grivița area. The project provides social assistance, educational activities for children and adolescents and vocational coaching for adults. Carusel and Ateliere Fara Frontiere are our NGO partners in this project.

Project: Doubling the joy

Every Christmas we encourage our engineers to support causes they believe in by raising money for a charity of their choice. We double the amount they raise.

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A forward-looking education

We enable educational stakeholders to develop the necessary technical and non-technical skills that in turn can help people better prepare for a world transformed by technology.

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An inclusive labour market

We contribute to making the Romanian job market a more accessible environment for people with disabilities.

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A healthy environment

This is imperative to any forward-looking conversation, and our work goes towards raising awareness on climate change and the strategies people can employ to adapt.

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