A forward-looking 

We enable educational stakeholders to develop the necessary technical and non-technical skills that in turn can help people better prepare for a world transformed by technology. 

Project: PepinTEEN 

PepinTEEN is an ongoing edu-tech programme that combines IT and soft skills, developed together with local NGO Școala de Valori. Dedicated to adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds who have a knack for technology, the first three editions saw over 300 high-school students from Giurgiu, Pucioasa, Răcari and Bucharest learn programming skills directly from our engineers.

Project: Arcademia

Designed together with the same trusted partner, Școala de Valori, the programme helps teachers further their technology know-how and enhance their teaching skills. A series of personal and professional development workshops were delivered to teachers all over the country.

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An inclusive labour market

We contribute to making the Romanian job market a more accessible environment for people with disabilities.

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A stronger sense of community

We believe in giving back to society by supporting social projects that help people in vulnerable groups find a sense of security and community.

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A healthy environment

This is imperative to any forward-looking conversation, and our work goes towards raising awareness on climate change and the strategies people can employ to adapt.

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