ING Tech Hangouts 
Kotlin for Java developers

ING Tech Hangouts makes an eager comeback for its 4th edition and marks a first-time presence in two cities: Cluj (September 20) and Bucharest (September 21), with Hadi Hariri taking centre stage to break down Kotlin for Java developers.

The forward-looking keynote on Kotlin's place in the future of Java developers demystifies silver bullets and restores faith in the writing process: there are no magic tricks, no magic frameworks, no magic languages. Clean. Your. Code. – building and using quality code never fails. The big questions Hadi Hariri will dive into are Why Kotlin, How to integrate it and What place does it hold in the future of Java developers?

Our colleagues, experienced developers Bogdan Arvinte and Mihaita Tinta, open with Going password-less with Web Authentication. An engaging talk about password vulnerability, explainers, and demo on phishing, damage control in case of data breaches, secure second-factor login with no 3rd party apps, biometric-based authentication with open web standards. 

ING Tech Hangouts goes outside
The event begins at 7 p.m.

Bucharest, Deschis Gastrobar Terrace

Cluj, Electric Castle Garden

About the speakers

Hadi Hariri is a developer, speaker, and Technical Evangelist at JetBrains, leading the Developer Advocacy team. He is a developer and creator of many things OSS, and has been programming in one way, shape or form since the age of 12. He is also an ASP.NET MVP and ASP.NET Insider. His passions include software architecture and web development and he spends as much time as he can writing code. Book author and frequent contributor to developer publications, as well as a host for Talking Kotlin, Hadi has been speaking at industry events for over a decade.

Bogdan Arvinte has been working as a frontend developer for over 10 years. Passionate about open standards, emerging technologies, and open source, he enjoys sharing his knowledge through teaching and coaching.

Mihaita Tinta is a developer with 10+ years of experience who’s delivered numerous mobile and web applications along the way. He is an avid learner, constantly on the lookout for the latest developments in the industry.


To make the most of what Hadi Hariri has to share, attendees need to speak advanced Java – we welcome Java professionals with at least 3 years of experience.

Participation to the event is free, but prior registration is mandatory. Register before September 15 and we will notify you within 72 hours if you were allocated a spot.

Registration is now closed

ING Tech Hangouts is a series of masterclasses led by international experts that offers ambitious developers – mid level and above – an opportunity to further elevate their skills. 

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