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We help ING build one open, borderless digital platform accessible to people and businesses worldwide.

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Guided by Agile values and principles, we cultivate a culture of continuous learning, collaboration and craftsmanship in IT.

TouchPoint Platform

DevOps teams streamlining ING's Global IT-architecture by simplifying and standardising banking applications.

TouchPoint Integration & Channels

DevOps teams creating a differentiating experience for our customers across the digital channels.

Core Banking

BusDevOps teams designing, developing and running a standardised and harmonious AMS functionality for Retail products.

Global Products

DevOps teams contributing to strategic product and fulfilment solutions that are used across multiple ING countries.

Data Management

BusDevOps teams that design, develop and run the DataLake platform and contribute to developing various data management capabilities.

Payments Applications

BusDevOps teams that contribute to the global payment capabilities including running reliable and scalable solutions and dealing with specific risk and compliance requirements.

Global Engineering Platform

DevOps team that contributes to the design and development of automation capabilities.


Business teams that manage and execute a straightforward audit process, in line with plans assigned for Cybercrime, IT Security and Compliance-related areas.

NFR & Compliance

The Global Centres for Compliance, Operational Risk Management, Information Risk Management and Independent Validation Unit are leading the efforts of the bank by increasing effectiveness of key processes and activities.


Through internal hackathons, innovation bootcamps, workshops and conferences we cultivate a stimulating environment at the intersection of an innovation lab and a workplace.


Every year our series of events bring to the forefront mentors and experts from across the world to an audience of curious and informed engineers.

ING Tech Hangouts | A deep dive into Java

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ING Tech Hangouts | A BI Journey

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ING Tech Hangouts | A masterclass in Java & Microservices

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Tehnologic 3.0

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Tehnologic 2.0

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Dev After Work | How technology is shaping the trading room

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24H Coding Hackathon

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Tech for good

Our social responsibility strategy uses technology as a force for social good. We support projects that help people in critical groups become more adaptable to a job market transformed by technology.

Pepin TEEN

Pepin Teen is an ongoing edu-tech programme of IT and soft skills developed together with local NGO Scoala de Valori. Aimed at teens with a knack for technology from disadvantaged backgrounds, the first two editions saw over 200 high-school students from Giurgiu, Pucioasa, Racari and Bucharest learning programming skills directly from our engineers.


Shift+Vieti was an initiative that aimed to make the Romanian job market more accessible for people with disabilities. Developed together with local NGOs Fundatia Comunitara Bucuresti and Impact Hub, it took the form of a monthlong social innovation bootcamp where various experts joined forces to find solutions for people living with visual impairment, Down syndrome, schizophrenia and autism.

Two projects resulted from this bootcamp: "Angajati nu asistati" a programme helping people with Down Syndrome become more independent by enabling them to enter the job market as interns developed by the Special Olympics Foundation and "A Job Guide for the Visually Impaired" developed by AMAIS.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1.

    The hub as it is today was established in 2015, but the seed was planted in 2010 when a small team of IT experts was put together at ING Bank Romania. Their mission was to develop banking solutions mainly for ING Belgium and Luxemburg. In 2014 the team grew with an additional Center of Excellence offering Core Banking solutions for various ING countries. In 2015 the Center of Excellence become ING Software Development Center, a technology hub developing cutting-edge banking solutions across ING. In February 2018 ING Software Development Center was renamed ING Tech. 

  • 2.

    Over 10 nationalities and as many languages are spoken at the hub. Our international community gathers tech specialist from The Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Ukraine, the UK, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Canada, the US and Russia making up 9% of the total number of employees.

  • 3.

    At the moment, the hub’s community gathers over 1000 top IT engineers, non-financial risk and compliance specialists having grown from over 400 over the past 4 years. 

  • 4.

    There are 3 other ING hubs in the world. One in Katowice and Warsaw, Poland, focusing mainly on IT infrastructure and operational services, one in Bratislava, Slovakia and another one in Manila, The Philippines, the last two focusing on banking operations. ING Tech in Romania is the only hub developing software scalable and shareable solutions that can be replicated, used and shared across other ING countries. 

  • 5.

    Sharing the purpose of empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business, ING Tech develops banking solutions for several ING countries including ING Bank Romania.


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